Thursday, 23 March 2017

Scotch Bonnet Records Podcast 16

Hello Stephen

Is this more like it?

Bunny Wailer - Rise and shine - Solomonic
Earl Zero - Black bird - Earl Love
Ojah - Livity - Alchemy Dubs
Marina P & KSD - Something new - Homeys Records
GRA8755 ft I-mitri - Violence and crime - Dreadwise
Egoless ft Tenor Youthman - Non immigrant song - Zamzam
Michael Prophet - Evil Doers - Volcano
Yellowman - Hill & gully ride - Greensleeves
Half Pint - Scorcher girl - Jammy’s dub
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Little John - Touch the stylee - Dumbarton Rock
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Mr Williamz - Industry - Scotch Bonnet
Stepart ft Pupajim - Non stop - Stand High Recordings
The radicals - Rum tree - Radics
PEP - Crisis - Jamwax
Eccleton Jarrett - Hold them - Jammy’s dub
Derrick Parker - Long night - Cubiculo
Conrod Crystal - Thank you Jah Jah - Pickout/TRS
Little John - Dash the rydim - Pickout/TRS
Robert Ffrench - Rebel girl - Black Solidarity
Crimstoppa - Drugs addiction - Jah Fingers
Dennis Creary - Ghetto life - Music Works
Shanti D - Dangerous (OBF mix) - Riddim Shango
Shanti D - Dangerous (Bim one mix) - Riddim Shango
Coldcut X On U Sound ft Lee Perry & Junior Reid - Divide & Rule (Mungo’s Hi Fi remix) - Ninja Tune

Overnight technical setup

Overnight technical setup

A whole lot of empty
A whole lot of nothingness
What time is it
Eyes perfectly adjusted for reading tiny little, shining numbers

She's Gotta Have It 35mm film 

Friday, 30 December 2016

Max Graham CyclesRadio 285 286 best of 2016

Max Graham CyclesRadio 285 best of 2016 Part 1
Max Graham @CyclesRadio 286 best of 2016 Part 2

Max Graham CyclesRadio 285 286 best of 2016

Oliver Helden DJs On Tour BBC Radio 1 Xtra

Thursday, 22 December 2016

DJs on Tour Oliver Heldens

Backstage Radio 1 Green Room
Counting down in the Green Room
BBC1 Radio 1 and 1Xtra

The Electric Brixton with Danny Howard

Danny Howard backstage at 
The Electric Brixton
to interview Oliver Heldens

 Oliver Heldens live on stage at 
The Electric Brixton

Filming with Joe Gardner from We Are Grape. Goetz Werner, Winstan Whitter and
Jonathan Ridge from Future Farm Productions
Watch Djs on Tour Oliver Heldens and Danny Howard

Djs on Tour Credits

LB and Konfusion Heavy Traffic Radio


Friday, 2 December 2016

Filming in London for Hamlett Films

Jonathan Ridge Sound recordist London
Filming with Elin Moe and Winstan Whitter in Hackney London for Hamlett Films
 Sound Recording Kit

Sound Devices 744T recorder With 2x Sennheiser MKH 416T
T powered by a Shure FP33 into the 2x Line In on 744T 2x
sets Audio Limited RMS 2040 radio mics with 2x Tram TR50 lav mics Sennheiser HD25ii headphones. Bottle of water, gaffer tape, batteries and power
Sound recording by Future Farm Production